Intranasal Midazolam & Epilepsy First Aid

Course Date & Location:

On Request


1 hour

Target group:

Those who require intranasal Midazolam first aid training to prepare them to recognise and manage an epileptic seizure until the arrival of an ambulance.


To develop the competencies associated with the administration of prescribed intranasal Midazolam.


On successful completion of the one-hour course, participants will be able to:

  • outline the triggers for an epileptic seizure
  • recognise the symptoms and signs and severity of a seizure
  • outline the management of a victim of an epileptic seizure
  • demonstrate the safe and effective use of intranasal Midazolam drops to relieve an epileptic seizure
  • outline the after-care for a person recovering from an epileptic seizure
  • State the recording requirements for the administration of intranasal Midazolam


The use of various instructional techniques supported by audiovisual aids.


No formal assessment.

Course award:

Participants who demonstrate competence in all of the required components will receive an ‘Epilepsy First Aid and Intranasal Midazolam’ certificate.

Course Standards:

The course meets all required standards.