Basic Emergency Life Support


6 – 8 hours

Target Group

Those who require basic first aid training to prepare them to recognise and manage a serious emergency in the workplace, or school until the arrival of a person holding Provide First Aid accreditation or an ambulance.


To develop the competencies of basic life-supporting first aid.


On successful completion of all course modules participants will be able to:

  • recognise and manage physical hazards to health & safety
  • respond to a first aid emergency and manage an unconscious victim being aware of communicable disease risks
  • recognise and manage a non-breathing victim
  • recognise and manage the victim of external and internal bleeding
  • recognise and manage a person suffering from shock
  • describe the recognition of burns and their management
  • recognise and manage the victim of a head injury
  • recognise and manage breathing emergencies including asthma
  • recognise and manage cardiac emergencies
  • manage the victim of poisoning including anaphylactic reaction
  • recognise and manage the victim of musculo-skeletal injury
  • arrange for appropriate emergency assistance or medical care
  • maintain an objective incident record using an approved pro forma


Use of various instructional techniques supported by audiovisual aids, charts, resuscitation training manikins and other course aids in a training course with 60% practical and 40% theoretical components.

Course award:

Participants who demonstrate competence in all of the required theoretical and practical components will receive a Statement of Attainment for the unit of competency ‘Provide Basic Emergency Life Support’, valid for three years and for the unit of competency ‘Perform CPR’, valid for one year.

Course Standards:

The CPR component is consistent with current Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines and standards. First Aid topics are consistent with Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines where they exist, or with the policies of other nationally recognised health & medical authorities.