Anaphylaxis & EpiPen® First Aid

Course Date & Location:

On Request


1 hour

Target group:

Those who require anaphylaxis and EpiPen® first aid training to prepare them to recognise and manage a serious anaphylaxis emergency until the arrival of an ambulance.


To develop the competencies associated with Anaphylaxis First Aid.


On successful completion of the one-hour course, participants will be able to:

  • outline the triggers for an anaphylactic reaction
  • recognise the symptoms and signs and severity of an anaphylactic reaction
  • outline the physiological changes which occur during anaphylaxis
  • demonstrate the ability to assess an anaphylactic reaction and arrange for emergency assistance
  • outline the management of a victim of an anaphylactic reaction
  • demonstrate the safe and effective use of an EpiPen® to relieve an anaphylactic reaction
  • respond to and manage the victim of an anaphylactic reaction with competent first aid including use of an EpiPen®


The use of various instructional techniques supported by audiovisual aids including practice with an Epipen®.


Competency based with practical and theoretical assessments.

Course award:

Participants who demonstrate competence in the required practical components will receive an Anaphylaxis First Aid certificate.

Course Standards:

The course complies with the Guidelines of the Australian Resuscitation Council & of the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA).